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Joy Division - Still 2 X LP
Lion Coffee + Records London

Joy Division - Still 2 X LP

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Released in clothbound "hessian" gatefold cover with a white ribbon. Inner-sleeves are die-cut cardboard. The labels are grey on white. A limited number with blue on white labels exist, too. There also are editions with a pale blue ribbon existing.

A Fractured Music
A Factory Record
Labels: 1/8/81

As no US edition was ever pressed at the time of first release, UK copies were imported to the USA via independent record companies, who usually self-sealed the releases to meet then current US retailer expected standards.

Sides C and D recorded at Birmingham University 2/5/80
Sister Ray - recorded at The Moonlight Club, London 3/4/80

Published by Fractured Music.
*Sister Ray Published by Sunbury Music Ltd.

"Twenty Four Hours" doesn't appear on the tracklisting.